Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Mohawk!

We had some of the cousins stay at our house for a week in June. Devan's younger cousin Justin had a Mohawk. Devan became infatuated with the idea of having a Mohawk of his own! So even though Devan has hair that seems to suction to his head like a toupee we gave it our best! He is sooooo proud of it! I have to admit it was pretty cute! And Mommy is happy that it has grown back in enough for school to start :)

Alexia Learns to Sew!

At the beginning of each year we do goal sheets with the kids. They each have a list of things they have to learn and or accomplish for the year. For example Aubrey: Potty Train, Devan: learn to make sandwiches. One of Alexia's goals was learn to sew a straight stitch on the sewing machine. She decided to make the cutest little pillow for Aubrey's new doll bead. That night when Devan said the bedtime prayer he said "thank you that Lexie could take her first "Ride" on Mommy's sewing machine!" Now Lexie wants to buy her own machine to "ride" on!

Fun on the 4th!

We had a blast this year! We went to a Round Rock Express game, had a BBQ and shot off a LOT of fireworks with some good friends!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where have we been?

So, if you are wondering why no new posts until now.......School, girlscouts, buddy group, and dance are out for the summer!!! Granted I only get a 2 week break on dance :) But I definitely have more free time that's for sure! Also I have been in mourning...I'm serious! My dear sweet husband permanently deleted the entire YEAR of photos from my computer! I wish I was kidding, but he really did and there is no way to get them back....(hence why there are no pictures from Christmas, Devan's Birthday, Easter, and all the other major events this year ;( But really I am going to be ok! Lesson learned....back up pictures on to disks more often, post to blog more often, and NEVER let dear sweet husband touch my computer ever again! :) So I am sure you will be hearing much more from the Kaley's this summer! Hope your summer is off to a GREAT start!

1st Piano Recital!

Alexia had her very first piano recital! She did AWESOME! When it was her turn she went up there like a champ! Not even phased by the 75 THOUSAND dollar piano she was about to play on in a room full of strangers! She started to play, and play and play.... I soon realized the my child had finished her song and was now improving! I was a little worried she wouldn't stop, but thankfully she did! She then stood up and with a huge smile gave a very dramatic bow! Gotta Love it! When I asked what happened to her song she said, "Well I thought I would do something different, and then I kinda liked it so I kept on going with it!" Can't wait for next years recital!

Lexie's Birthday Bash!

Welcome to Camp Lexieloo! Alexia decided on a camping theme for her 8th b-day party. So of course I had way too much fun planning it! We had 16 little gals come for a camp out sleepover! (Um ya, we were not expecting almost all the invitees to be able to come!) But even with the large number of campers we had a very successful party! With a scavenger hunt, hot dogs cooked over the fire, potato sack races,a bug catch on the trampoline, we watched the Parent Trap outside on the projection screen, and of course had S'mores!! All the girls slept outside in tents, there was no fighting, no tears, and everyone left in time in the morning for us to make it to Alexia's piano recital! Yes I know I'm crazy, but we all had a BLAST!

Alexia's Baptism Day!

We can not believe that Alexia is now 8!!! We are so proud of her for her decision to get baptized! Especially how serious she took it, she even took the missionary discussions! Cameron was thrilled at the chance to get to baptize his first born! What a special experience for us all! To make it even more special we had Gramma Kaley, Gramma Julie, and Aunt Katie fly in from Colorado. Along with all the Texas Aunts, Uncles and Cousins! What a time we all had together!

Broadway Review

What a BLAST!! In May I performed in a Broadway review for Ballet Austin. We featured numbers from every show currently on Broadway. From shows such as Chicago, Spamalot, Chorus Line, Hairspray, Grease, Spring Awakening, and on and on! As soon as I figure out how to upload some video I will put some clips from the show. Until then here are a few pics of me with some cast mates.

New Years 2008

In true Kaley fashion we were up well into the early morning hours! Alexia rocked the Karaoke! Devan rocked the dessert table! And Aubrey rocked my neighbors nail polish! At least she only got it all over her new outfit! In the end we all had a great time! Hence why we all looked so haggard in our end of the night photo ;)

So You think You can Dance!

I was forced against my will to attend a dance conference for an entire weekend at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort and spa! Let me tell ya, it was pretty rough! Truthfully though if you stripped away the beautiful atmosphere and delicious food it was 48 hours of leaping, kicking, turning, sweating (lots of sweating) and sore muscles! It was FABULOUS!!!Plus I got to spend 2 days with the winner of the TV show "So you think you can Dance" Benji Schwimmer! It was a GREAT weekend!